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Issues of the Journal of Pyrotechnics [ISSN 1082-3999] appear twice a year. Early issues contained 40 to 50 pages. More recent issues contain 70 to 80 pages printed in 8-1/2x11" format with medium-sized print. Areas of pyrotechnics addressed include fireworks, pyrotechnic special effects, propellants & rocketry, and civilian pyrotechnics. The Journal is "dedicated to the advancement of pyrotechnics through the sharing of information". This is accomplished with a mix of different types of articles; however, most fall into two areas. One area is reports on pyrotechnic and fireworks research conducted by both professional scientists and individual experimenters. The other area is reviews of various technical and craft areas of pyrotechnics, some at an advanced level and others at a tutorial level.

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Issue 26, Winter 2007(8):

Issue 25, Summer 2007:

Communications and Reviews:

  • Survey of Firework Trends from UK Display Companies
  • Thermal Conductivity Testing of Minimal Volumes of Energetic Powders
  • Book Review by Theodore S. Sumrall: Introduction to Fireworks by T Yoshida and D Ding
  • Book Review by Megan Bottegal and Bruce McCord: Bombs and Bombings, A Handbook to Protection, Security, Detection, Disposal, and Investigation for Industry, Police, and Fire Departments by Thomas G. Brodie

Issue 24, Winter 2006:

Issue 23, Summer 2006:

Communications and Reviews:

  • Review by Christopher Pearce of Fireworks, Principles and Practice by Rev. Ron Lancaster

Selected Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Pyrotechnic Combustion Mechanisms:

Issue 22, Winter 2005:


  • An Introduction to the European CHAF Project by D. Chapman
  • Review by Tom Smith of: Review of Firework Art by Mark Flemmin

Issue 21, Summer 2005:


  • Note on “Metal Monochloride Emitters in Pyrotechnic Flames – Ions or Neutrals?” by Barry Sturman
  • Review by F. J. Feher of: The Chemistry of Explosives by Jacqueline Akhavan
  • Review by K. Kosanke of: Color, An Introduction to Practice and Principles by Rolf G Kuehni
  • Review by J. R. Steinberg of: Pyrotechnic Chemistry by Journal of Pyrotechnics
  • Review by Bernard E. Douda of: Pyrotechnic Chemistry by Journal of Pyrotechnics
  • Review by Tony Cardell of: Pyrotechnic Chemistry by Journal of Pyrotechnics

Issue 20, Winter 2004:


  • A Simplified Method for Determining the Strength of a Tube Subjected to Internal Pressure by L. Weinman
  • Review by John Steinberg of: Amateur Rocket Motor Construction David Sleeter
  • Review by K. Koenig of: Rocket Propulsion Elements, Seventh Edition by George P. Sutton, Oscar Biblarz

Issue 19, Summer 2004:


  • Comment from Ron Lancaster on "Review of Pyrotechnics" that appeared in Issue 18
  • Review by K. Kosanke of: Ignition Handbook by Vytenis Babrauskas

Issue 18, Winter 2003:


  • Particle Size Effect in Pyrotechnic Compositions Containing Potassium Chlorate
  • Review by B. E. Douda of: Pyrotechnics by A. P. Hardt
  • Review by S. D. Poehlein & S. K. Wilharm of: Pyrotechnics by A. P. Hardt
  • Review by B. Sturman of: Pyrotechnics by A. P. Hardt
  • Review by J. Bergman of: Black Powder Manufacturing, Testing, and Optimizing by Ian von Maltitz

Issue Number 17, Summer 2003:


  • A Curious Observation during the Burning of Bulk Whistle Composition  by  L. Weinman
  • Review by S. Miller of: Proximate Special Effects Familiarization and Safety by J. L. Mattingly, D. A. Opperman and F. Pinkerton
  • Review by B. Douda of: Pyrotechnics by A. P. Hardt
  • Review by S. K. Poehlein and C.K. Wilharm of: Pyrotechnics by A. P. Hardt

Issue Number 16, Winter 2002:


  • Reprint of: Grass TreeGum—(Australian Dragon’s Blood) Dr.McCrea / John Kruse
  • Review of Propellants and Explosives: Thermochemical Aspects of Combustion Naminosuke Kubota
  • Review of: Explosives Rudolf Meyer, Josef Köhler, and Axel Homburg

Issue Number 15, Summer 2002:


  • A Note on the Design of Experiments
  • Pollutant Emissions from Power Plants
  • Reprint of: Chapter III — Accroides
  • Review of The Chemistry and Characteristics of Explosive Materials by James R. Cook, PhD
  • Review of Head and Eye Protection: A Guide for Those Who Manufacture, Test, or Use Explosives by Confederation of British Industry
  • Review of Protection against Substances Hazardous to Health by Confederation of British Industry

Issue Number 14, Winter 2001:


  • Speculation on the Explosive Decomposition of "Yellow Powder"
  • Bridgewire Temperature Estimation Using a Constant Current Supply
  • An Observation Regarding: "Fireworks Shell Drift due to Shell-to-Bore Clearance"
  • Review of The Big Bang: A History of Explosives by George I. Brown
  • Review of Incendiary Art: The Representation of Fireworks in Early Modern Europe by Kevin Salatino

Issue Number 13, Summer 2001:


  • Brief Survey of Chromium Toxicity

Issue Number 12, Winter 2000:

Issue Number 11, Summer 2000:

Issue Number 10, Winter 1999:

Issue Number 9, Summer 1999:

Issue Number 8, Winter 1998:

Issue Number 7, Summer 1998:

Issue Number 6, Winter 1997:

Issue Number 5, Summer 1997:

Issue Number 4, Winter 1996:

Issue Number 3, Summer 1996:

Issue Number 2, Winter 1995:

Issue 1, Summer 1995:


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